PET Strapping

PET Strapping
Polyester Strapping (PET strapping)is a one of the plastic product which achieves Energy-saving carbon reduction conforms with Green Mark of international environment.
1. Tensile Strength:The tensile strength of PET Strapping is same as Steel strapping and it has small elongation to resist impact and ensure the safety of your product during transit.

2. Elongation:The elongation ratio is only 1/6 of polypropylene(PP) strap, can retain strength for a long time.

3. Temperature Resistance:The melting point is 260℃. The strap under 120℃ operation will not be deformed.

4. Flexibility:Safe operation. No damage or contamination of packaged goods.

5. Strapping Finish No chance of rust, no marking of strapped product. The PET strap also have hightlight of color.

6. Substantial Cost Savings :The length of 1 ton PET strapping is equal to 6 ton Steel strapping. Reduction of material costs up to 50 % over steel strap.

Width 9~32mm  
Thickness 0.45mm~1.3mm  
Color Green, Black or by request
Surface  smooth
Paper core inside diameter 200、406mm  

※ According to customer preferences, we could make the custom color.

Usages of PET Straps in various sectors: 

  • Building Material & Wood
    • Roofing Tiles
    • Plaster Boards
    • Timber
    • Chipboards
    • Plywood
  • Industries
    • Bottling Industry
    • Steel
    • Glass & Ceramic
    • Automobile
    • Stone
    • Paper
    • Shipping
    • Refractory’s
    • Solid Waste Handling
  • Metal Packaging
    • Steel Coils
    • Aluminum Ingots
    • All kind of Metal Sheet
    • Aluminum Coils